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bio : 

Day Schildkret is known internationally for MorningAltars and has inspired people of all ages to forage, build and pray with Earth Art  all over the globe

NEWS: Day Schildkret and MorningAltars will be the featured earth altar artist and teacher at the Symbiosis Gathering 2016 in California. For more information.

Day and MorningAltars just completed their American and Canadian tour with the Wanderlust Festival 2016 having created 5 large-scale earth mandalas in 5 different cities seen by tens of thousands of participants while offering life-changing playshops and teachings on the daily practice of creating a MorningAltar earth art. 

Day has been captivated by nature and art ever since he was a child and first viewed the work of Andy Goldsworthy. In 2004 and 2005, Day served as the first artist in residence at Easton Mountain gay spiritual retreat center where he created, 'Treeson' - an art installation comprised of 7 nature-based exhibits on a 1 mile forest trail displayed for a full 4 seasons. Day has created his nature-based art installations + altars at venues such as Burning Man 2006, Dance of Liberation NYC 2006/07, Wilderness Torah's Passover in the Desert 2010/11 + Sukkot on the Farm 2015, Lightning in a Bottle 2013 as well as countless privately commissioned pieces for life cycle events such as weddings, births, deaths and birthdays. MorningAltars currently appears on the cover of the music album "Lah." 

While day has been building altars his entire life, he has been building an altar every morning as a practice for the past 5 years inside Wildcat Canyon, Richmond, CA. Day has gathered communities all over the United Staes to attend his altar and mandala making workshops and believes there is real healing and connection that happens when people create prayerful earth art.  

He is currently in the process of authoring his first book on the daily practice of MorningAltars and is pursuing his vision for future books of MorningAltars in all 50 states, MorningAltars around the world and MorningAltars for each season. Day's morningaltars was recently featured in Spirituality & Heath Magazine and The New Asterisk. His most up-to-date work can be followed on Instagram with 12.5k followers and Facebook with 11k followers.

Day is also the Founder of Legacy As Livelihood - a Purpose Mentoring practice and The Break Free Lab - a workshop specifically designed for spiritually minded people who are feeling stuck, undersupported, indecisive and/or distracted but long to live a life devoted to serving their life's calling, for the sake of something greater than themselves. For a 5 minute documentary on Day's work or for information: 


process :

morning time. take basket and go on walk.

stay alert. watchful. forage. 

hike to hill or creek bed. 

clear space.

be quiet and listen. 

build altar: feathers, leaves, berries, bones. 

pray. offer it. 

watch it alter. 


artist statement :

I am devoted to the pursuit of impermanent beauty and how that can become nourishment for life to continue. 

As an artist, my eye is often drawn toward the fallen and my hands yearn to resurrect and redeem that which is considered valueless. This has evolved into a daily ritual of foraging local objects that the wild world has discarded to the earth; feathers, leaves, flowers, bones and how, just for a moment, the resurgence of these objects, colors, textures, shapes into a collaboration of proximity can bring forth new forms of beauty and memory. 

The practice of building my art is a practice of obeying the place and time I am in. Every object I use is discovered in or around the place I build it. Every altar I create is informed and governed by forces larger than me: the sun, the wind, the rain, the traveling creatures, the season, the unexpected and unpredictable, etc. It is an honest dialogue between the human and non-human world and an ever-changing conversation with moving pieces. 

As an artist what interests me most is to consider that the artwork may actually be shaped by the memory of the place, as if what I build may actually be an ancient remembering that the land itself is actualizing through me. 

In today’s overly virtual landscape, I want my viewers to be enchanted by each altar's capacity to awaken their imagination, their awe, their nuanced eye and deep love and connection with the magic and mystery of our earth. I long to have my audiences linger on that ephemeral edge where death and rebirth bring forth and ancient remembering and a new impermanent beauty.