Book Writing Diaries: 11/22/17


I made it!!  Landed in Boulder, Utah 4 days ago (a 3 day drive in the new car - SF > LA > Vegas > Boulder ) to begin the 2-3 month deep dive into writing/conjuring/channeling of this book. I'm so committed to writing a book that changes people's lives, reconnects them to the earth, to their creativity, to the impermanence of life -- please pray that I'm not too hard on myself as I put my shoulder to the wheel. 

Anyways, it is so good to be here in Utah. Originally, I was considering Spain but it was Utah that courted me back. There's something about the spaciousness and epic beauty here that is a good match for this book. Let me speak to the unbelievable beauty here.  While Ive basically just spent the last 5 days here at Headwaters Ranch, there's still so much wonder just in this place. For instance, there's a waterfall up in the hills in the desert! A. Friggin. Water. Fall.

Honestly, it's a big transition for me to leave my life in the Bay Area and just be alone with this book. I left my home because it was too distracting but you'd be surprised how your distractions come for the ride. They are like hungry little monsters, packed in with all your luggage, who just want to be fed all the time. You'd be proud though. I've been super disciplined and have been up before dawn every day to write. Such a good thing to start the day at dawn. So quiet and simple. Some days have been slow (like today!) and full of doubt (like today) but somedays (yesterday) words just poured forth. I guess the name of the game is to just stay in it.

OH! I also got an email from Countryman Press (my publisher) who wants to talk about designing the cover. OMG. This is really happening! Will write more soon


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