Morning Altars - Book

Morning Altars - Book


Morning Altars — A 7-Step Practice to Nourish Your Spirit through Nature, Art and Ritual

Enter a handcrafted world where bright berries, faded leaves, lush flowers, and golden pinecones become endlessly captivating patterns in enchanting impermanent earth art.

Day Schildkret calls these striking creations Morning Altars. Making one involves placing materials from nature — berries, leaves, stones — in a circular or geometric design (or whatever shape feels right in that moment in time). Schildkret builds an altar every morning, photographing it to share with others on social media. The practice have been adapted by people worldwide who have shared back, sparking even more creativity.

Now, in his first book, Schildkret describes the seven steps of his method and shares more than 100 different altars, both his own and those of his students. Seen in all stages of existence, from their beginning to their departure back into the landscape, these altars serve as inspiration and encouragement. Morning Altars will awe readers with beauty, stories, and insight, as it offers a playful way to express gratitude, to practice mindfulness, and to feel connected with nature and beyond.

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