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Morning Altars @ MadeLife / Boulder, CO

Join Day Schildkret, internationally renowned earth artist and author as he launches his new book: “Morning Altars: A 7-Step Practice to Nourish Your Spirit with Nature, Art and Ritual” for this workshop that will offer a much-needed digital detox, getting you off the screens and into the wisdom and joy of the natural world.


Day Schildkret of Morning Altars is proud to bring his imaginative and inspiring work to MadeLife in Boulder, Colorado with a workshop for the entire family and particularly for the kids!

Morning Altars is a perfect hands-on experience for families that is part creative expression, part mindfulness technique, and part nature connection. Each step of this experience offers an innovative way to slow the whole family down and open everyone to a sense of wonder, listening, curiosity, creativity, meaning-making and letting go. This ancient ritual and expression connects participants with the land and their imaginations; inviting them to play and to explore the profound meaning of creating art.