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Morning Altars @ The Art of Living Retreat Center / Boone, North Carolina

Do you have a desire to connect with a sense of belonging? To clear your busy mind, open up to your innate creativity and become skillful in adapting to change? To have a daily ritual that connects you to nature. to peace and to the universe?

In this workshop, nature and art come together to help you do exactly that. Morning Altars is a 7 step practice that teaches you how to create personal earth altars and harness the healing power of art and nature.

These two creative forces have been a vital part of health and wellness for thousands of years, and in cultures all around the world.

But in our time of high speed, distraction and disconnection, it is more important than ever to cultivate rituals to slow us down and support a more meaningful way of life.

Through nature walks, meditation, group sharing and creative workshops you will learn how to:

  • Wander and forage in the stunning landscape around the Art of Living Retreat Center, connecting with the environment and collecting stones, flowers, leaves and berries

  • Collaborate with nature to express your heart and tell the story of your life through patterns, symmetry and art

  • Make your own earth altar and discover why the smallest and simplest of creations can nourish your soul

You will go home with a deep sense of connection to the land and a daily earth art practice that you can do anywhere in the world.

Items to bring: warm clothes; lots of water; bagged lunch and/or snacks; a few tote bags and a pair of shears for collecting natural materials.  

Open to all