Morning Altars Workshop - Bend, OR - September 11-12

Morning Altars Workshop - Bend, OR - September 11-12


MORNING ALTARS WORKSHOP with internationally renowned artist + author Day Schildkret

Nourish Your Spirit with Nature and Art

In this fast-paced, tech obsessed world, we are forgetting some of our most basic human traits. We desperately need more time to slow down, remember and make meaning together. To be outside together. To create and witness each other's hearts together.  And to work on letting go more.

Come explore this transformative 7-step practice to work with nature, art and impermanence as an effective way to heal, grieve, celebrate and honor your life. 



Welcome | Wednesday, SEPT 11 | 6:30PM - 8:30PM

Hands-on Practice | Thursday, SEPT 12 | 9AM - 4PM



Shevlin Park | Bend, OR



$150 (sliding scale available upon request)

*Jackson Corner lunch included!


Space is limited. 

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