'northern lights'

Wanderlust Festival
Stratton Mountain, VT
June 2016

MADE OF pine cone (whole and chewed), white sand, colorado spruce, cattail, grass stalk, flower, rock, and earth


WHAT A WILD RIDE ITS BEEN!  I couldn't have imagined channeling an altar that is so breath taking. May the land and people here at Stratton be nourished with such a well wrought feast. As I walked to the altar last night dressed in over a hundred candles, I wept because I love it so much and know it can't last forever. 
We dismantle and return it to the forest at 5p tonight. 😢

MAY WE see all that surrounds us in a collaboration of beauty making

SHOUT OUT to Mr. Gabe Crane for the enormous assistance and friendship, to Jennie, Heather, Danny, Vin, Lindsey from @wanderlustfest and this glorious, generous, ancient mountain. #findyourtruenorth