'between two galaxies'

Wanderlust Festival
Squaw Valley, Tahoe CA
July 2016

MADE OF lichen, Tahoe-beach black rock, pine cone, bark, yarrow, mullen, lupin, sand, white rocks, lava rocks, red earth, pine needles, thistle and earth

WHAT AN OTHERWORLDLY ALTAR! This winged creature was born through some real rocky soil. After days of wandering around this majestic place, foraging from her bosom, carrying, sorting and setting a grid of white stone, she began to take shape as an intricate and lush labyrinth with two unfurling galaxies seated at the tips of her wings. This is 4 days of some real labour, visioning, listening, loving and letting go. Let her fly into your heart and inspire you. 

MAY WE create the space and commit the focus that allows the otherworldly creative spirit to move through each one of us uniquely into this world.

A SPECIAL OVERFLOWING OF PRAISE BE TO MY TIRELESS TEAM: Gabe Crane @woven.wings and Lauren Brown @laurenbreathes with awesome help from Cassie, Eli and Aiyana. This could not have been born without you. <3