'returning returning' 
Wanderlust Festival
Snowmass, CO
June 30-July 4 2016

MADE FROM colorado spruce, pine cone, poppy, rock, lupin, horsetail, iron-infused red earth, sand, coal, cattail, earth

WHAT A JOURNEY this has been. Every time I build an altar, I am faced with uncertainty, doubt, harsh weather, materials dying -and- every time I discover my own resilience, the grace and generosity of the land, the help of beloved friends, and the beauty pouring through my hands to create such a feast. 

MAY THE land here, the people here, the ancestors buried here and the unseen here be fed by this exquisite meal and may the creative spirit that graces this work be heaped with overflowing praise so that it returns again and again and again. 

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT of thanks to Simcha, Rae, Sarah-Bracha, Jennie and Snowmass. Couldn't have done it without you. ❤️